Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Schlumberger Water Services Technology Group

Woburn, MA March 13, 2015 - Nova Metrix LLC (“Nova Metrix”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Schlumberger Water Services Technology Group, which is comprised of Van Essen Instruments (Diver Brand), Westbay Instruments, and Waterloo Hydrogeologic, which were formerly part of the water monitoring division of Schlumberger Water Services (http://www.novametrixgm.com/). With locations in Delft, Netherlands, Burnaby, Canada, and Kitchener, Canada, respectively, these three brands bring world-wide specialization in ground water data logging, characterization, and monitoring through instrumentation, software, and consulting services. “These three brands increase the scope of our technology and immediately expand our ground monitoring capabilities into new applications and markets,” commented                                                                        James Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Metrix.



Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Soil Instruments Limited

Woburn, MA November 5, 2014 - Nova Metrix LLC (Nova Metrix) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Soil Instruments, formally the instrumentation business of itmsoil (http://www.itmsoil.com/). Soil Instruments is based in Uckfield, England and is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and sale of premium quality geotechnical and structural monitoring instrumentation for civil engineering, mining, railway, and road infrastructures. “We look forward to building upon Soil Instruments’ five decades of tradition along with the Interfels brand and the many synergies between Soil Instruments and our existing Nova Metrix brands of Durham Geo Slope Indicator, Roctest, Sensornet, and Sherborne Sensors,” commented Jeff Cohen, President of Nova Metrix.



FISO Technologies, Inc. Acquires Assets of Samba Sensors AB

Quebec City, Quebec December 28, 2012 - FISO Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Roctest Ltd. (a Nova Metrix company), is pleased to announce that it has acquired certain assets, including intellectual property assets, of Samba Sensors AB (http://www.sambasensors.com), formerly headquartered in Sweden. Samba Sensors designs, manufactures, and sells Fiber Optic pressure transducers for both the preclinical, clinical and industrial markets. "We are very pleased to add the Samba brand and its technology to our portfolio and believe it will further enhance our global position in the fiber optic point sensor market," said Fred Borne, General Manager of FISO Technologies, Inc. "By adding these assets of Samba Sensors to our business, we are broadening our sensing and monitoring offerings to our customers' increasingly demanding applications," commented Jeffrey Cohen, President of Nova Metrix LLC.


Sherborne Sensors Ltd.

Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Sherborne Sensors Ltd.

Woburn, MA, September 28, 2012 - Nova Metrix LLC (Nova Metrix) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sherborne Sensors Ltd. (www.sherbornesensors.com), headquartered in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK. Sherborne Sensors designs, manufactures, and sells precision inclinometers, accelerometers, and force transducers. “Sherborne’s inertia and force transducers have established themselves as benchmark products in terms of quality and performance over the last decade and will not only extend the footprint of Nova Metrix Instruments, our Test and Measurement platform, Sherborne Sensors shares common technologies and end users with Nova Metrix, which is dedicated to geotechnical applications” commented, Jim Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Metrix.



Nova Metrix LLC completes acquisition of Sensornet Ltd.

August 31, 2011 - Nova Metrix LLC (Nova Metrix) announced today the acquisition of Sensornet Ltd. (www.sensornet.com) based in Elstree, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Sensornet provides the world's most advanced asset monitoring solutions using real-time distributed temperature and strain measuring systems. "With this addition to the Nova Metrix portfolio, we're able to further enhance our range of asset monitoring products and services by strengthening and consolidating common technologies with existing portfolio companies such as Roctest Ltd. and Durham Geo Enterprises Inc." said Jim Barbookles, Chairman and CEO of Nova Metrix.



Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Roctest Ltd.

December 10, 2010 - Nova Metrix LLC (Nova Metrix) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Roctest Ltd. (Roctest) based in Saint Lambert, Quebec, Canada. Roctest designs, manufactures and provides high-precision measurement instrumentation for the analysis and monitoring of structural integrity. Roctest is recognized worldwide for its product quality, leading-edge technology, technical expertise and ability to provide solutions for challenging engineering environments. By merging fiber-optic technology and traditional sensing techniques with extensive experience in data analysis, Roctest is a key solution provider to the structural health monitoring market as well as a strong addition to Nova Metrix. For more information on Roctest please visit their website at (www.roctest.com).



Nova Metrix LLC Acquires Durham Geo Enterprises Inc.

Woburn, MA, September 14, 2009 - Nova Metrix LLC (Nova Metrix) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Durham Geo Enterprises Inc. (Durham Geo Slope Indicator), headquartered in Stone Mountain, Georgia (www.durhamgeo.com). Durham Geo Slope Indicator is a leading manufacturer and supplier of geotechnical, material testing and ground water products severing North America and more than 50 countries. With expertise dating back to the 1960's, Durham Geo Slope Indicator is a highly respected brand and integral measurement component for some of the world's most renowned construction projects.

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